About Us

Our Objective

Our goal is to consistently enhance and uphold the quality of pest control services in our province by conducting ongoing research on pest identification, control techniques, and environmental concerns. We provide our members with various resources, including training seminars, communication channels with government officials, and this website, to keep them well-informed and equipped to deliver safe, efficient, and cost-effective services.

In order to maintain our high standards, all members are required to hold Ministry of Environment certifications and licenses, as well as carry liability insurance. Furthermore, members are expected to adhere to our association’s code of ethics, and we offer access to training materials and informative seminars to support their professional development.

  • All members are mandated to be certified and licensed.
  • All members are obligated to possess liability insurance.
  • It is expected that all members adhere to the code of ethics of the association.
  • All members are granted access to training materials and informative seminars.

Meetings and Events

November 2-5, 2023


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