SPMA Educational Scholarship for Children of Pest Management Employees

The Structural Pest Management Association of Pakistan (SPMA) offers the SPMA Educational Scholarship to support the education of the children of employees working in good standing with a member company of SPMA. The scholarship program was established in 2011 to demonstrate the commitment of SPMA to its members and their families’ further education.

Description and Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship awards a RS 50,000 tuition credit to a post-secondary institution in Pakistan each year to a successful applicant chosen through a competitive process. Eligible applicants must be the children of employees of a member company in good standing with SPMA. The parental employee must have worked for the member company for a minimum of 12 months as of the award application deadline. In addition, the company must have been a member of SPMA for a minimum of 12 months as of the award application.

The SPMA Educational Scholarship is intended to encourage post-secondary studies in any field at a public university or college in Pakistan.

Selection Criteria

Selection of the successful candidate is based on the latest transcript showing a minimum B average or equivalent, personal qualities, and demonstrated community involvement. The selection committee will make the decision at its sole discretion. The selection committee members are not allowed to vote for their children.


A complete application consists of the application form, a copy of the latest transcript, and a one-page essay describing personal qualities and community involvement. The essay can include work ethic, leadership potential, environmental consciousness, good character, awards received through competition, and other relevant information. No additional pages may be attached.


All application materials must be received by SPMA no later than June 1st each year. Late applications cannot be accepted in consideration of fairness to other candidates. The selection committee reserves the right to require a candidate to furnish additional information or references.

Selection of Successful Candidates and Payment of Scholarship

The selection committee will usually make a decision by mid-July. The results will include one alternative recipient in case the original candidate declines the scholarship offer. The scholarship must be used in the fall of the year of application and cannot be deferred. All candidates will be notified by email of their application status by the end of July.

The scholarship will normally be paid in one lump sum directly to the college or university to be credited to tuition upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the candidate has been admitted to the college or university. The scholarship amount will be in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

Download Scholarship Application (PDF)

Submit the application by

email: Email: info@spma.pk

Meetings and Events

November 2-5, 2023


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